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Our Hep B Heroes

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Name: Alan Wang, ABC 7 anchor and reporter

Ethnicity: Chinese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "I've lost two uncles and a grandfather to liver cancer. My mother has hepatitis B and all of my siblings were also infected at birth. I have been using my access to the media to help inform the public about this disease."


Name: Angelica Yi, Miss Asian America 2010-2012, Miss Scholastic Achievement and Miss Popularity

Ethnicity: Korean

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "As a Korean American pageant title holder, I've volunteered for various hepatitis B awareness events, including the annual Hep B Free Gala, in which I helped sell raffle tickets to help fund raise for this cause."


Name: Fiona Ma, California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore

Ethnicity: Chinese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "As someone with hepatitis B and an elected official, I've been proud to be the honorary spokesperson for San Francisco Hep B Free since the program's inception in 2007. I've made it my mission to help educate people about this vaccine preventable disease nationwide."


Name: Max Niu, Creative Coordinator

Ethnicity: Chinese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "As a Creative Coordinator behind San Francisco Hep B Free's groundbreaking 2010 'Which One Deserves to Die' ad campaign for a multilingual Asian American audience, I helped garner nationwide media attention for hepatitis B."


Name: Kris Mizutani, nurse

Ethnicity: Japanese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "As a nurse, I work with patients who are hepatitis B positive, and discuss with them how to identify and manage symptoms. I always encourage all my patients to seek primary care, and connect them with the services of local Department of Public Health affiliated clinics."


Name: Mike Honda, California Congressman, 15th District

Ethnicity: Japanese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "I have worked for many years to bring the issue of viral hepatitis to the national forefront as the lead sponsor of several pieces of hepatitis legislation in recent congresses."


Name: Diana Tran, nursing student

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "As a Vietnamese American working with youth and families, I believe the first step in eliminating hepatitis B is by educating our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and beyond. Be a Hep B hero! Break the silence and save lives!"


Name: Vickie Cheung Martynenko, pharmaceutical representative

Ethnicity: Chinese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "Working in the pharmaceutical industry with physician offices and hospitals, I've been battling hepatitis B for years. I have been helping make sure that all diagnosed patients are receiving first line treatment agents."


Name: Frank H. Wu, Chancellor and Dean of University of California Hastings College of the Law

Ethnicity: Chinese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "I didn't know anything about hepatitis B until I received my shots for a trip abroad. I decided to learn more about the disease and realized that it is a problem we can all solve if we work together to educate the community."


Name: Sandy Keo, engineer

Ethnicity: Cambodian

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "As a big proponent of Western medicine, I encourage everyone to get their hepatitis B shots today. This disease is vaccine preventable!"


Name: Kelly Banh, volunteer

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "My father may have lost his battle with liver cancer, but instead of dwelling on our family's loss, I've used the tragedy to raise awareness for hepatitis B through public speaking events."


Name: Angelo Mathay, law student

Ethnicity: Filipino

Why I'm a Hep B Hero: "I am a Hep B Hero because I got tested for hepatitis B this year after learning of my uncle's liver problems. I've encouraged my entire family and friends to get tested for hepatitis B."

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