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Business Initiatives

Our business initiatives aim to increase education and awareness of hepatitis B and liver cancer among businesses that employ and serve the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community and high-risk populations. Each participating business will distribute and display hepatitis B educational material for its employees and customers and promote free hepatitis B screening events for their immediate neighborhood. 

APRIL 2020
Introducing the Millbrae 2.0 Business Initiative
The Millbrae 2.0 Business Initiative is a new and improved pilot project taking our advocacy straight to the businesses that serve the Asian and Pacific Islander community. While our normal community events have reached thousands of residents, we know that thousands of others are unable to attend in person and may not learn about life-saving hepatitis B information. By working directly with Asian-centric businesses and their employees we exponentially increase our reach by focusing on an untapped segment of our community. Additionally, these business owners and employees often represent a population who may be most vulnerable to hepatitis B: recent immigrants, aged 25-60, and varied socioeconomic status.
Working hand-in-hand with local businesses to reach high-risk community members.
Utilizing the lessons learned from the 2017 San Francisco Business Initiative, we have improved upon the project design and evaluation. More specifically, we have included a major stakeholder inclusion and relationship building phase to better inform businesses of what we are doing and gain buy in. Once discussed, SF Hep B Free will lead group employee hepatitis B education sessions, answer questions and offer free convenient hepatitis B screening. 

We are starting the pilot project in Millbrae given its high Asian population and Asian-centered downtown business area. 

As part of this work we are also honoring businesses that participate and support our work on Facebook and here on our website!
2020 Business Initiative Honor Roll:
Participant and Supporter:
Disen Cai Real Estate Group

Time Advertising

MAAN Global

HL Peninsula Pearl

HL Peninsula Restaurant

Peninsula Chinese Business Association

Singtao Chinese Radio
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