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Our Mission Statement

To increase awareness and education about Hepatitis B within the community
and among health care providers, to increase access to affordable testing and
vaccination, and provide linkage to care for chronically-affected individuals.


Our Achievements 

A Short Summary of Our Journey 
2023 Achievements
  • Mandatory Hep B Screening Mandated by CDC 

    • After passage of AB789, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new guidance that testing is recommended for all adults over 18​​

  • Hosted Hep B education workshop for UC Berkeley and SFUSD Pacific Islander Health Festival ​

2021 - 2022 Achievements
  • Passage of AB789

    • Passage of AB789 means that primary care physicians are required to offer a voluntary Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C test to patients

    • For the first time ever, the California state budget includes $8 million for adult chronic hepatitis B work

    • Hepatitis B vaccination is now recommended for ALL adults age 19 to 59, greatly simplifying vaccination

  • Declaration of May as Hepatitis Awareness Month in San Francisco

  • California Legislature Resolution for World Hepatitis Day promoting implementation of AB789

  • Held 10 ECHO education sessions for PCPs

  • Held over 30 community education events with 1150+ directly educated

  • Ran Cantonese and Mandarin radio and newspaper ads, reaching tens of thousands of people, and also did a live interview on Cantonese radio

Major Milestone Achievements
  • Education and Screening: Screened over 27,000 people and educated over 1,500,000 people through radio, billboards, TV, bus ads, and direct contact. Nearly 50% of those screened were unprotected and would benefit from vaccination. 

  • Physician Education: Held dozens of education sessions with over 1,670 physicians pledging to screen their at-risk patients for Hepatitis B

  • Business Partnerships: Worked with over 1,500 businesses and 3,000 employees as part of the Business Initiative to educate hard-to-reach APIs

  • Wide-Scale Education: Broadcasted hundreds of ethnic media commercials/PSAs and created public health awareness campaigns and a nationally-recognized, city-wide billboard campaign "Which One Deserves to Die?"

  • Health Partnerships: Partnered with major healthcare groups in San Francisco and San Mateo

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