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Governance Council

The Governance Council is made up of passionate individuals from various sectors of the community. They use their knowledge and experience to provide overall guidance towards achieving SF Hep B Free’s organization goals and work with the Executive Director to drive SF Hep B Free -

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Stuart Fong


Stuart Fong has been with SF Hep B Free from the beginning working with Dr. Samuel So, Ted Fang, and Janet Zola. For 18 years he worked as a hospital administrator at the Chinese Hospital, a Chinatown-based community hospital.


Vanita Louie

Vanita Louie is proud to call herself a San Francisco native. Having held various seats on major airline boards, her 29-year career in travel industry paved the way for many other entrepreneurs.  

Francis Tsang1.jpg

Francis Tsang


Francis Tsang currently works in Communications for SFO International Airport and formerly worked as the Deputy Press Secretary for San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee. He was also the Deputy Press Secretary for Gavin Newsom, and served in the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services as Mayor Newsom's Liaison for Districts 3 and 4, as well as the Asian American community. 


Amy Shen Tang

Amy Shen Tang, MD is a primary care internist and the Director of Immigrant Health at North East Medical Services (NEMS) in San Francisco. Dr. Tang began volunteering with SF Hep B Free back in 2006 as an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Before NEMS she served as the Hepatitis B Program Director at Chiles B, Wang Community Health Center in New York City where she also served as Advocacy Chair for the NYC Hep B Coalition and Co-Chair for the National Task Force on Hepatitis B.

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Al Perez

Al Perez is principal and founder of Creative i Studio, which specializes in innovative and impactful graphic design solutions for corporate events and corporate identity programs. He has over 30 years experience translating marketing objectives into creative strategies for Fortune 500, small business and nonprofit organizations. His services also include onsite project management for conferences, trade shows and corporate events around the country.

Apart from his work, Al is a dedicated member of the Filipino American community and is currently serving as president of the Filipino American Arts Exposition (FAAE). For the last 20 years, Al has led community partners, artisans, performing artists and an energetic team of 200+ volunteers to produce the annual Pistahan Parade and Festival at the Yerba Buena Gardens, the largest celebration of Filipino community, culture and cuisine in the country.

Mr. Perez continues to work with dozens of organizations to celebrate, honor and promote Filipino and Asian Pacific Islander (API) culture, as well as fight for API community needs.  

Al is happy to join the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer, diseases that deeply affect both the Filipino and API community.

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David Doan

David Doan, PhD, MBA, RN is a management consulting senior manager in Accenture North America Health Care Innovation Practice and is based in Los Angeles. A nurse by background, David has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry in various settings and disciplines, is adept at transforming strategy into execution, and can quickly identify and prioritize complex business issues and deliver customer-centered, valuable, innovative, and transformative solutions to healthcare business owners and influencers.


He is currently on the Board of Directors for four nonprofit organizations that demonstrate his passion for the arts, health equity, mental health, social justice, diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI), and climate action. David has a personal connection with hepatitis B and liver cancer and is committed to evangelize the importance of early testing, vaccinations, and treatment through education and addressing the pervasive stigma.

Tony Lau.jpg

Tony Lau 

Tony Lau is a licensed Civil Engineer and general contractor in the state of California .  Growing up in San Francisco, he had been involved in different community organizations and community events.  Chinese New Year Parade, Chinese New Year Festival, Richmond District Moon Festival are small portions of events he participates in. Tony is excited to join the Council and utilize his own advocacy experience and community networks to spread hepatitis B awareness.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of the Co-founders of SF Hep B Free and serves to provide general guidance to the Governance Council and Executive Director.  

Honorary Chairperson
TFangUnitedWay (1).jpg

Ted Fang

Founding Member

Ted Fang is a co-founder of the Hep B Free campaign. He is the Executive Director of the AsianWeek Foundation, which also produces the annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco, the largest one-day gathering of Asians in America. Fang's work is to bring the community together. 

Fang has a degree in Ethnic Studies and is passionate about community and diversity. He served as chairperson for Mobilization against AIDS, and as director for the Chinese American Democratic Club and the Bay to Breakers Foundation. Fang has led The San Francisco Examiner, AsianWeek, and the Independent Newspaper Group. He sat on the executive committee of the California Newspaper Publisher's Association and wa a founding director of the California Free Press Association. He was a founding member of the Asian American Journalists Association and New American Media. 

Fang is a Co-Founder and Steering Committee member of the San Francisco Hep B Free campaign, the largest collaborative effort ever in the APIA community. Hep B Free - Bay Area seeks to set a national model for overcoming hepatitis B disease. It is a systemwide approach for prevention of this deadly disease

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Janet Zola

MPH., Founding Member

Janet Zola served as the Health Education Specialist in Communicable Disease Prevention at the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health for 25 years, culminating her career with the co-founding and development of San Francisco Hep B Free. Her achievements include being the first recipient of the National "Rock in the Pond" Award for her work in hepatitis B prevention, development, and implantation of the 3 For Life project, founding the San Francisco Immunization Coalition, producing the Senior Theatre Education Program as part of the Medication Education for Seniors program under her direction, 10 years as an instructor in Health Education at San Francisco State University, as well as many years developing and delivering training in family planning and women's health issues. 

Now in retirement, Ms. Zola continues to serve as a valued advisor to the SF Hep B Free - Bay Area leadership, offering insight and a historical perspective as the campaign moves forward with its mission. Her passion for public health advocacy and hepatitis awareness has not diminished.

DrSo2 (1).jpg

Dr. Samuel So

M.D., Founding Member

Dr. Samuel So is the Lui Hac Minh Professor in the School of Medicine and Professor of Surgery at Stanford University. He is the founder and director of the non-profit Asian Liver Center. Dr. So is spearheading a multidisciplinary effort with the goal of eliminating hepatitis B worldwide and reduce the threat of  liver cancer. He serves as a special advisor on viral hepatitis to the World Health Organization Western Pacific Region and is the author of over 150 peer reviewed articles. His current bench research efforts focus on the discovery and evaluation of better diagnostic tests and treatments for liver cancer. 

Honorary Chairperson

Fiona Ma serves as our Honorary Chairperson. For a decade, since her time in the California State Assembly, State Treasurer Fiona Ma has been a dedicated hepatitis B warrior. As a chronically infected individual, and advocate for the community, she saw the importance of bringing awareness to hepatitis B. To this day she continues to push to improve education, prevention and treatment around the disease. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 4.17_edited.jpg

Fiona Ma


I am proud to work with the San Francisco Hep B Free Campaign in helping to educate and raise awareness among the general public about this deadly disease. It is through knowledgeable about hepatitis B prevention and treatment that we can stop most liver cancers, which are caused by the Hep B virus. 

As a person who has chronic Hep B infection, I know how important it is to know one's status. I encourage everyone to get tested as soon as possible, as the hepatitis B virus is known as the "silent killer" because there are often no symptoms. By the time symptoms do show,  it is often too late to take advantage of the many treatment options. 

Those who test negative for hepatitis B infection can get a vaccination for lifelong protection. Those who are chronically infected need simple medical check-ups to prevent the Hep B virus from developing into liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. By taking these steps, we can rid San Francisco of hepatitis B. We can set a model for the nation and be an inspiration to efforts around the globe in eradicating Hep B. 

It all starts with you. Get screened, vaccinated, and treated if necessary. Use the information in this news section to educate yourself about the things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. Talk to your family and friends about Hep B and help them to get screened. By working together, we can all be Hep B Heroes and make San Francisco free of hepatitis B!

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