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CAAMFest 2016's "Be About It"

BE ABOUT IT tells the stories of two men — news reporter Alan Wang and athlete AJ Jabonero — as they navigate living with hepatitis B. The disease looms both large and minute in the film, captured in life-altering and day-to-day moments. Startlingly intimate and quietly poignant, the paralleled narratives of Alan and AJ bring into focus the reach and cost of hepatitis B in the Asian American community.

Personalizing the growing epidemic, the film reveals the gaps of awareness and advocacy that silences discourse of a disease that is preventable and survivable. Both Alan and AJ cycle through burden and joy as they find their own ways of survival. — Andrew Yeung

ABC 7's Alan Wang and athlete AJ Jabonero are featured in a special documentary about hepatitis B, "Be About It" screening on March 13 at the Alamo Brewhouse and March 19 at the New Parkway Theatre. Come see the full length film, that was featured at our 2015 B A Hero Awards Gala. Hope to see you there!

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