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Hepatitis B and COVID 19

Living with hepatitis B and concerned about COVID19?

The World Hepatitis Alliance has put together some resources to try to answer this question.

According to the World Hepatitis Alliance,

"Evidence is emerging all the time about the impact of COVID-19 on specific disease areas. Currently there is no specific guidance for people living with viral hepatitis, however the World Hepatitis Alliance is working with the global liver societies to get the most up to date guidance for people living with viral hepatitis.

During the COVID-19 pandemic it is highly likely that services for people who are living with viral hepatitis will be affected. The impact on hepatitis services will vary between each country but it may mean that testing, prevention and treatment services are limited or suspended. Services may also be delivered remotely by telephone or web link.

Those awaiting treatment for hepatitis C may experience a delay in receiving the medication, this is to ensure your safety during this time and the safety of medical professionals.

Those on hepatitis B treatment may be asked to ensure that you have enough medication for the duration of any period of self-isolation, if you are concerned about the provision of your treatment please contact your medical services provider.

Please follow guidance from your health service to get the correct information for where you are, you can also contact members of the World Hepatitis Alliance should you have concerns, you can find out how to contact them at

For those awaiting a liver transplant the procedure may be delayed due to the immunosuppressant medication that is used post procedure. This will be determined by your medical services.

For those that have received a liver transplant they may be asked to self -isolate during the pandemic, national governments are issuing guidance on this which should be followed.

Based on current evidence, persons with viral hepatitis and chronic liver disease should continue to be regarded as populations at increased risk for co-morbid complications during the course of COVID-19 disease."

Last updated 4/2/2020

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