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May 19th is nationally recognized as Hepatitis Testing Day, with the goal of raising awareness of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and to encourage testing to identify your status. It is an important opportunity for us to educate the communities most impacted to take a positive step in monitoring their health. No one, no family, should be impacted by viral hepatitis. 

Thank you to our wonderful partners End Hep C SF and the @San Francisco Hepatitis C Task Force for making the Hepatitis Testing Day Rally so successful. 

A special thanks to Katy TangFiona Ma, Barbara Garcia for giving us the support we need to make a bigger voice to #EndHepatitis

1 in 12 Asian American and Pacific Islander adults are chronically infected with hepatitis B

2 our of 3 people don’t know they have it

1 in 4 will develop liver cancer or liver disease from it


Don’t become a statistic. Go out and get tested today!

#EndHepC #HepBFree #BeAboutIt #HepatitisTestingDay2018#HepatitisAwarenessMonth

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