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Our Programs & Initiatives

SF Hep B Free's commitment to eradicating Hepatitis B shines through a history of impactful projects. Explore our journey of dedication and progress as we work towards a world free from the burden of this disease.

Current Programs

Business Initiatives 2.0

Business Initiative is an innovative pilot project extending our advocacy to Asian-Pacific businesses. Complementing community events, we target unattended residents through business partnerships, expanding outreach. By engaging recent immigrants, aged 25-60, across varied socioeconomic backgrounds, we address Hepatitis B vulnerability effectively.

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SMC Hepatitis B Initiative

The San Mateo County Hepatitis B Initiative is dedicated to facilitating hepatitis B testing for you and your family. Our initiative aims to guide individuals towards the most suitable testing options and match them with conveniently located testing facilities.

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Hepatitis Action Initiative

Teaming up with SF Hep B Free, the Silicon Valley Cyber Lions Club is taking proactive steps in the battle against hepatitis B and liver cancer through their impactful Hepatitis Action Initiative. This initiative is designed to raise awareness, provide resources, and offer support for individuals affected by hepatitis B and liver cancer.


Past Programs

ECHO Program

The Hepatitis B ECHO program was launched during the COVID pandemic in partnership with various organizations in October 2020. This program utilized interactive video technology to connect primary care providers with specialists, enhancing their hepatitis B expertise until November 2022.


Pilot Project

SF Hep B Free partnered with San Francisco State University's School of Nursing for a 6-month pilot project, resulting in 337 business interactions, 71 enrolled Business Initiative Partners, 9 displaying brochures, 700 estimated direct educations, and one business airing PSA's and enacting a policy change in their Human Relations Department.


Clinician Honor Roll

The San Francisco Hep B Free - Bay Area Clinician's Honor Roll was an initiative designed to recognize primary care healthcare providers who committed to following CDC guidelines by screening patients at risk of chronic Hepatitis B infections.


Business Initiative 1.0

The SF Business Initiative is a collaboration between SF Hep B Free - Bay Area and businesses committed to regularly sharing educational resources and screening event details with their employees and customers.

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