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Millbrae 2.0 Business Initiative

An initiative aimed to boost hepatitis B awareness in high-risk businesses. 

Project Summary

The Millbrae 2.0 Business Initiative is a new and improved pilot project taking our advocacy straight to the businesses that serve the Asian and Pacific Islander community. While our normal community events have reached thousands of residents, we know that many others are unable to attend in person and may not learn about life-saving hepatitis B information. By working directly with Asian-centric businesses and their employees we can target a different audience that commonly visit these businesses as well as educate business owners and employees that may not attend our in-community events.  This is a re-focus on an untapped segment of our community. Additionally, these business owners and employees often represent a population who may be most vulnerable to hepatitis B: recent immigrants, aged 25-60, with varied socioeconomic status.

We are starting the pilot project in Millbrae given its high Asian population and Asian-centered downtown business area. 

As part of this work we are also honoring businesses that participate and support our work on Facebook and here on our website!


The business initiative faced some challenges as working with businesses to share and leave behind our materials was more difficult than we anticipated.

Still we were able to visit 51 stores (nearly every Asian serving downtown shop), held 2 restaurant educations, and had 7 community education events in the district.

Engagement has been mixed but we were able to put up 15+ flyers and educate 30+ employees and owners. Many were unaware of the risk of hepatitis B.

More Information on This Program

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