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Fantastic! If you have insurance, you can call or email your doctor and schedule a hepatitis B test today.

  • The hepatitis B test is usually quick and free

  • Just 5 minutes could save your life!

  • Ask your doctor about vaccination for hepatitis B. The CDC recommends hepatitis B vaccinations for all age groups except those with known risk factors. It should also be covered under your insurance without a co-pay.

Can't get a doctor's appointment? Schedule a quick and easy with North East Medical Services (NEMS) today. Call (415) 391-9686 ext. 8160.


CDC recommends screening all adults aged 18 years and older for hepatitis B at least once in their lifetime using a triple panel test

Need more help? Call (415) 336-2629 or email

We speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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