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Millbrae 2.0 Business Initiative Model


随着 COVID 新冠大流行的继续,旧金山消弭乙肝项目寻求创新方法来继续其教育社区和临床医生的使命,但无法在社区提供乙型肝炎筛查或面对面的教育。通过这种努力,旧金山消弭乙肝项目的 Hepatitis B ECHO 诞生了。与 ECHO 项目、Hep B United、乙型肝炎基金会和国家乙型肝炎特别工作组合作,SF Hep B Free 成功于 2020 年 10 月启动了其首个美国成人乙型肝炎 ECHO 计划,并将该计划持续到 2022 年 11 月。

  • Select target groups (specific SF neighborhoods and businesses- restaurants, nail salons, markets, etc.) with predominantly API employee and customer base.

  • Develop relationships with business owners, managers, and employees.

  • Establish SF Business Honor Roll.*

  • Supply businesses with outreach material (multi-lingual brochures, posters, screening cards).

  • Increase access by offering FREE hepatitis B screenings to uninsured employees and customers, complete with a linkage to care plan for those who require follow-up care.

  • Maintain communication and support with businesses to sustain efforts in providing materials, screenings, and follow up as needed.

Business Honor Roll

The SF Business Honor Roll is a partnership between SF Hep B Free - Bay Area and businesses that agree to receive and provide educational material and upcoming screening event information to employees and customers on an ongoing basis. This serves as acknowledgement between the two parties that the business is dedicated to supporting SF Hep Free - Bay Area’s mission to make San Francisco the first city in the U.S. to test and vaccinate all API individuals for hepatitis B and effectively eliminate hepatitis B from San Francisco.

Business Benefit

SF Business Honor Roll participants will receive a number of incentives:

  • A list of active partners will be published by local media outlets, which is seen vastly by the SF API community.

  • Being an active partner of the SF Business Honor Roll distinguishes businesses as showing commitment to employee health and promoting awareness of hepatitis B.

  • Each business will receive a free supply of hepatitis B educational materials and promotional materials for upcoming neighborhood screening events.

  • Businesses that participate in the Honor Roll have established a mutually supportive relationship with SF Hep B Free and will be the first to receive event invitations. 

More Information on This Model

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