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乙型肝炎可以通过已经使用了 30 多年的疫苗进行预防。该疫苗为预防乙型肝炎病毒 (HBV) 感染及其致命性提供了一种简单有效的方法。包括儿童、青少年和成人在内的所有人都应该在还没有感染慢性乙肝前,接种完整的疫苗。 

Who Should Get Vaccinated?

Hepatitis B vaccine is available for all age groups. The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended by the CDC for all infants, all children or adolescents younger than 19 years of age who have not been vaccinated, all adults age 19 through 59 years, and adults age 60 years or older with risk factors for hepatitis B infection.

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Negative Test Result? Consider Vaccination.

If both your blood tests (HBsAg and anti-HBs) are negative, you have not been infected with hepatitis B nor are you protected. Get vaccinated to protect yourself.

Screening before vaccination is vital, as vaccination cannot cure hepatitis B if you are already infected.

Where to Get the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Getting vaccinated for hepatitis B is now more convenient than ever.

You can now access the hepatitis B vaccine at retail pharmacies like CVS, RiteAid, and Safeway, making it easier than ever to protect yourself against this serious infection.

If you're concerned about the cost of vaccination, there are options available to receive low to no-cost vaccinations. Explore your nearest vaccination site and take the important step towards safeguarding your health.

Vaccination costs

Hepatitis B vaccination should be available to you at minimal to no cost. Having trouble getting care for testing or vaccination?

Reach out to us for assistance.

Know Your Options

Your options include 2 FDA approved and CDC recommended vaccines:

如果您的血液检查结果在表面抗原和表面抗体两项(HBsAg 和抗-HBs)均为阴性,那表示您没有感染乙型肝炎,但也没有受到保护。请尽快接种疫苗以保护自己。

您可以选择包括 2 种 FDA 药监局批准和 CDC 中央疾控中心推荐的疫苗:*2 针疫苗系列(建议 18 岁及以上的成年人)或 **3 针乙型肝炎疫苗系列。

接种疫苗通常可以保护您终生。且所有新生儿都应该在出生时接种乙型肝炎疫苗。 请咨询您的医护人员看看哪种疫苗适合您。 

* 2017 年批准,该疫苗分 2 剂注射,中间间隔 1 个月。

** 自 1989 年批准以来,该疫苗分 3 剂接种,第 2 针在第 1 针后 1 个月注射,第 3 针在第 1 针后 6 个月注射。

Vaccination usually protects you for life. Ask your medical provider which vaccine is right for you. 

*Approved in 2017, this vaccine is taken in 2 doses, 1 month apart.

**Approved since 1989, this vaccine is taken in 3 doses, the 2nd shot 1 month after the first and the 3rd, 6 months after the first shot.

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